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Grace Hooper is Both Hilarious and Informative on David Letterman

Google’s Doodle today is about Grace Hopper. Grace was a computer scientist and U.S. Rear Admiral. She was also one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mach I Computer.

This interview of Admiral Hopper by David Letterman is as hilarious as it is informative.

Gender Identity and Expression in the Workplace — A Pragmatic Guide for Lawyers and Human Resource Professionals

There is a new handbook out for those transitioning in the workplace and for HR professionals as well.   Written by Christine Duffy,  a lawyer with the Association of Corporate Counsel, the the world’s largest community of in-house counsel, the guide, “Gender Identity and Expression in the  Workplace — A Pragmatic Guide for  Lawyers and Human Resource  Professionals” is aimed at both the transitioning person and the HR professionals most commonly tasked with working with them.

Here’s the link to the free guide you can download:

And a big thank you to Andrea James at TS Roadmap for spreading the word on this important resource. She has this resource and many others on transitioning at work on TS Roadmap

How Women can Deal with Personal Bullying at Work (hint: don't take the bait)

This is about the disrespect many women get in the business world and the behavior it breeds in men.  And we see it in high tech and I think it may be part of the reason there are fewer women in high tech.

Who would have thought all us nerds would be so hard to work with?

Here’s the article though, it’s a great one and well worth  your time, “Attacks on Women at Work are Failures in Communication

A2Empowerment Empowers Women in Developing Countries

A2Empowerment; helping women through education

When Gal pal extraordinaire Michelle asked me to attend a special event, I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant given some of our last outings but, knowing her sense of adventure, fine fashion style and Kw Smile, I was certain it was going to be great and worthwhile.  And so, after plying her with warm beer and bad cuisine, I found out just what it is.

It turns out she’s playing (as in a jazz band; and Michelle is great!) a truly worthwhile cause that I hope many of my readers either attend or at least donate too, it’s called, “A2Empowerment“.   They are:

a non-profit company dedicated to empowering women through education. Since its founding in 2008, the company has awarded over 150 educational scholarships to young women in Cameroon. Recipients are chosen based on need and merit, with a priority placed on selecting girls in the later years of high school when they are at a higher risk of dropping out. This year approximately $65 USD will cover tuition, fees and books for a year of school. All company overhead costs have been covered by the company co- founders, so the full amount of all donations is put towards scholarships. The project is set up as a Peace Corps Partnership Project, so all funding is strictly monitored by the Peace Corps and A2Empowerment.

This is a great cause to support.    Its local, low overhead (administrative costs of this organization are covered by the founders) and they are a legal non-profit.  You can see some of these empowered, bright, women here

So here’s what I need you, my caffeine stoked, do-good readers of Beck’s Cafe:

  • Consider attending the event my gal pal Michelle is playing drums at, “Swing the Night Away“, a benefit for A2Empowerment.  The band playing is The Mood Swings, I heard them a few weekends ago and they DO swing!
  • If you cannot go to that event, buy a ticket anyway or at least donate.  You know your dollars are going to a worthwhile cause.  With their low overhead, your bucks will go to the girls vs. into administrative costs
  • Spread the WORD, that’s right.  You Facebookers, and other bloggers out there.  Spread the word and let others know about a great cause that helps women.

$65 covers tuition, fees and books for one year for one girl.  Admit, you spend that much on gasoline in a week.  You can spare the $65 … or at least $20 give one of these girls a better shot at an empowered life.

Thanks to everyone who donates and if you do, let me know and we’ll create a comment wall here, that shows and empowers others to take good action as well!

Special Favor of my Readers: Gender Terminology Survey

Hi Everyone.  I have a special favor to ask of my readers, it will only cost you 15 minutes of your time, its anonymous, and painless. Please fill out the following survey at this link here:

The survey is from Jamison Green, Jason Cromwell, & Dallas Denny and the  goal is to:

We are asking community members to rate and give us their opinions of certain terms which have been used in the literature, and some of the terms put forth by the community itself, so we can communicate the community’s opinions to the members of WPATH and (we hope) more widely in a subsequent academic publication.

In case you don’t know who WPATH is, that’s the organization that has some of the biggest influence on the way the medical community deals with transgender persons.

I took the survey and it might have been 15 minutes at most.

Please complete it all in one sitting – if you exit the survey before you complete it, your answers will not be saved. The survey is scheduled to close June 28, 2011, so please respond soon!

Thanks so much everyone for all of your help!


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