On-Line Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care from University of California

University of California released a new web based tool to guide transgender patients and their doctors through some basic health care terms, definitions and practices for their transgender patients.   UofC’s Center of Excellence for Transgender Health’s, “Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care” is link based: just click on a topic to see the suggestions and guidance.

The protocol was developed with the following goals in mind:

This protocol was created within the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. It remains a work in progress, and will be annotated and/or updated when new data is available and validated. This protocol is intended to serve two purposes:

(1) Provide accurate, peer-reviewed medical guidance. This protocol was developed under the supervision of eight physicians with extensive experience in treating transgender patients.

(2) Provide a resource. This protocol contains references to additional materials that may be accessed for further study and shared with other provider colleagues and support staff to improve treatment capabilities as well as access to care for transgender patients.

Clicking on some of the links revealed useful information I found refreshing in many cases.  They cover topics such as Hormone Therapy, Musculoskeletal Health, Silicone Injections, Thyroid Screenings and much more.  Many listings appear to be things that frankly don’t come onto most health care providers or their patients radar.

It’s well worth a visit then a bookmark for your own health needs, reach it yourself by clicking to, “Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

(smiles to author and blogger Joanne Herman for originally pointing this great resource out to us)

2 responses to “On-Line Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care from University of California”

  1. RH says :

    Wow! This looks like a fantastic resource!

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