Transgender Rights Bill in Massachusetts Continues On with an Extended Deadline and More Support

Bay Windows has written a nice piece summarizing the current state of the Massachusetts Transgender Right Bill, “An Act Relative to Gender-based Discrimination and Hate Crimes” (S. 1687/H. 1728).   It’s well worth a read to get caught up with how the bill is progressing and what supporters may want to continue to do to help.  Among the latest in their article:

  • Boston City Council passed a unanimous resolution supporting the transgender civil rights bill
  • The Episcopal diocese of Massachusetts voice their support for the transgender civil rights bill
  • A summary of what the bill’s purpose is

Click to Bay Windows coverage at their site at this link: Transgender Rights Bill receives more support, extended deadline

Of particular note for supporters of the bill is to note that it’s still in the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on the Judiciary and it’s been given an extension to early June 2010 for consideration.   If the bill receives a favorable recommendation from the Join Committee on the Judiciary, the bill moves through the legislative process to both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and, if passed, to the Governor’s desk for approval, veto or to return it back to the legislature for changes.

3 responses to “Transgender Rights Bill in Massachusetts Continues On with an Extended Deadline and More Support”

  1. Michelle Madison says :

    Thanks for the update, Becki. I get constant emails from Gunner, but I’ve really lost track of what’s been happening. This is a really helpful summary. It will be so nice when this is over, and we can claim success. That is, if you consider having to earn the right to not get fired not get kicked out of your apartment and not get your ass kicked success ….

    • Rebecca says :

      Hey you are so welcome Michelle and thank you for your comment! Your comment reminds me of a presentation I attended on our rights. I was in the back and had arrived late (of course). During the Q&A a man stood up and exclaimed, “I’m not looking for any special rights. I just want back my original ones”.

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